Our Curated List of the Most Innovative and Most Interesting Food and Beverage Products at 2017 Fancy Food Show

The 42nd Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (January 22-24, 2017) was another great event this year, with a record number of attendees. Featuring the hottest new products, brands, and trends from over 30 countries and 1,400 exhibitors, over 80,000 specialty food and beverage items showcased at the main event didn’t disappoint.

More than ever, we’re seeing a blend of “great tasting” plus “more healthful and nutritionally conscious” products. Consumers are demanding cleaner and more minimally processed food and beverages, and brands are bringing them to market quicker than ever.

After walking 218,000 square feet of exhibit space over three days and 20 hours, and sampling something from just about every booth, we’ve curated a list of the most interesting new products, brands, and packaging and want to share them with you!


ProBurst Bites, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites, SunRidge Farms Power Chews


Edoughble Ready to Eat Cookie Dough, Good King Gourmet Whole Cacao Bean Snacks, Project 7 Gourmet Gummies, Chocolove Peanut Butter Cups, ChocXO Organic Dark Chocolate Bites with Quinoa Crisps, Smashmallow Premium Snackable Marshmallows, Hammond’s Mellow Fluffs Marshmallow Snacks


Health-Ade Kombucha Blood Orange-Carrot-Ginger, Matcha Love Ginger Matcha Green Tea, revive kombucha Wild Ginger Ginger-Lime All Ginger Brew, Wonder Drink Asian Pear Ginger Kombucha, Chuao Totally Tangy Mango Chocolate, Wild California Mango Jalapeno Crisps, Living IntentionsActivated Spicy Mango Trail Mix, Blue Planet Chocolate Baobab Peach Mango


Brio! Organic Pasteur Raised Ice Cream, BluePlanet Chocolate, Harmless Harvest Harmless Coconut Probiotics



Vegan Rob’s Puffs and Chips, That’s It Veggie Bean Bars, Saladshots Bar, Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips

Cauliflower: Cali’flour Cauliflower Pizza Crust, Outer Aisle Gourmet Cauliflower Pizza Crust, Vegan Rob’s Probiotic Cauliflower Puffs, Cauli Rice Cauliflower Rice

House Foods / Go Umami Baked Tofu Bars


The Good Bean Habanero Citrus Crispy Favas + Peas, Enjoy Life Thai Chili Lime and Moroccan Spice Plentils Lentil Chips, PB2 Thins Texas Chipotle and Southwest Peanut Butter Crackers, POP Gourmet Sriracha Hot Chili Croutons, Eliot’s Sriracha Sunflower Butter and Spicy Thai Peanut Butter, Way Better Spicy Sriracha Whole Grain Tortilla Chips, Manitoba Harvest Toasted Sriracha Hemp Seeds, Torn Ranch Bloody Mary Cashews, Lundberg Family Farms Gochujang Organic Grainspirations Arancini Gourmet Rice Appetizers


Bubbie’s and MyMo Mochi


Navitas Naturals Maca Maple Superfood + Cashews, Laughing Giraffe Organics Goji Maca Snakaroons, TruVibe Eat Clean Organic Superfood Meal


Jerky continues to be popular but some of the best we’ve ever tasted came from two players who make it moist and super tasty...Golden Nest Bites and Fusion JerkyKrave also launched a new Pink Peppercorn


Wonder Drink Kombucha, DangField Trip Jerky, PeregBobo’s


The GFB Gluten Free Power Breakfast


Matcha: Laughing Giraffe Organics Matcha Snakaroons, Buddha Teas Matcha Now

Seaweed with a Twist: Seapoint Farms Seaweed Crisps, Ocean’s HALO Seaweed Strips

Coconut: NuCo Coconut Vegan Mayo, Kokos Coconut Cheese, Creative Snacks Organic Coconut Snacks


Tartly Sparkling Fruit Shrub, Fuller Foods Serious Cheesy Puffs, Belvoir Fruit Farms Organic Cucumber / Mint Lemonade and Lime / Lemongrass Lemonade


Numi Embrace, Vision, Presence, Gratitude Organic Teas; Good King Peace, Harmony, Love, Strength, Joy Whole Cacao Beans; Teapigs Snooze, Upbeet, Bright In Green Tea


NEED TO DRIVE BREAKTHROUGH GROWTH FOR YOUR BUSINESS? For more information on our observations on food and beverages trends, insights into the wellness and healthy food category, or if you need to create or revamp your brand, please contact us!

2016 NEXTY AWARD WINNERS Announced at ExpoEast!

OMG – We're so excited some of our favorite brands are featured and won! Yay for brands and the people behind them doing it right! Congrats to all!! 

  • Best New Mission-Based Product: RUNA Mint Honeysuckle Ready to Drink Tea

  • Best New Beverage: Tio Gazpacho Rosado

  • Best New Organic Beverage: REBBL Super REBBL Herbs (Turmeric Golden-Milk; Maca Cold-Brew; Matcha Latte Elixir)

  • Best New Meat Alternative: Good Seed Curried Sweet Potato Hempseed Burger

  • Best New Organic Food: Lotus Foods Organic Red Rice

  • Best New Frozen Product: Bonafide Provisions Restorative Bone Broth

  • Best New Meat or Seafood Product: Milton's Local Bacon Sausage

  • Best New Snack: JicaChips (Sea Salt; Smoked BBQ; Chili Lime)

  • Best New Special Diet Food: Kite Hill Vegan Cheese Ricotta

  • Best New Condiment: Maple Guild Organic Maple Cream

  • Best New Sweet or Dessert: Pure Genius Deep Chocolate Brownie & Chocolate Chunk Blondie

  • Best New Packaged Food: Michele's Ginger Hemp Granola

  • Best New Beauty Product: Goddess Garden Under the Sun Pre-Sunscreen Serum

  • Best New Supplement: Europharma Sucontral D

  • Best Condition-Specific Supplement: Vibrant Health Vibrant Flora - Improved Bowel Support

  • Best Supplement Delivery Format: Redd Remedies Curcumin C3 Reduct Chewable

  • Best New Natural Living Product: Elyptol Antimicrobial Hand Gel Sanitizer

  • Best New Natural Kid's Product: cocoKind Organic Baby Line (Baby Oil; Calming Powder; Soothing Salve)

  • Best New Packaging Innovation: Eco Lips, Inc. POGO

  • Best New Transparently Sourced Product: Sol Simple Solar Dried Organic Mangos

For more information on our observations on natural/organic product trends and insights into the wellness and healthy food category, please contact us.

Want to Get Your Package Right the First Time? Make Sure It Draws Consumers In and Makes Your Product Move Off the Shelf

Here’s a few of my favorite tips on getting your package right the first time around. To be honest, it’s a combination of art and science, but here’s a few great reminders.

  • BE ON STRATEGY: Yes, this seems like such a no-brainer, but such an important question that is often overlooked… Do your package concept and design deliver on the brand strategy in a clear and compelling way?

  • HAVE SHELF POP & BE DIFFERENTIATED V. COMPETITION: Does your package “pop” on the shelf and uniquely stand out from the competition when consumers walk by quickly? Does it have that ooh, ah, intrigue factor that compels people to stop and pick it up? Here’s the quick test...Put your package on a retail shelf (yes, go into the store and put it on a real shelf right next to the competition with real store lighting).

    • Test it out at eye level, on the top shelf, AND on the bottom shelf.
    • Then, walk by quickly and scan the entire shelf.
    • Take note of what you see.
    • Stand in front of the shelf and squint your eyes.
    • Do you notice your package first?
    • Does your package stand out?
    • If not, you probably still have some work to do (and this doesn't necessarily mean using fluorescent colors on the label!)
  • MAKE IT OBVIOUS: Is it obvious what the product is? Or are you making consumers work hard to figure it out? If it’s a new brand or a new type of product, it’s important to show the real product (through a window/clear container) or a representation/photo of the product. Oh, and don’t forget to show an accurate expectation/representation of what the product really is inside. Very few people want a surprise!

  • KNOW WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT: One of the biggest mistakes made in packaging is not being clear on the what’s most important. Of course, everything is important on a package, right? The brand name, logo, product type, the description, the claims, the awards… But everything can’t be equal when it comes to effective packaging. Be clear on your priority of communication and use graphic position, size, font style/formatting, and other graphic elements to help consumers see what you want them to see first, second, and third.

  • QUICKLY COMMUNICATE YOUR BRAND STORY AND REINFORCE YOUR PERSONALITY: Do your package design, structure, and materials reinforce the brand personality and communicate the brand story just by looking at the package in a few seconds? Is it straightforward and easy to digest? Remember not to make consumers work too hard. They need to “get it” quickly. Fewer powerful words are always best!

  • ABILITY TO EXPAND: Does your package design concept allow for line extensions in the future including different flavors, new sizes, and new structure formats? Even if you don’t yet know or have plans for more products yet, make sure your packaging concept has legs for the future.

If you’re in need of revamping your brand or your package, creating a new brand from scratch, or just need additional tips on more effective packaging, make sure to contact us. We'd love to chat with you!

Breakthrough New Products at 2016 Natural Products Expo West

This year’s ExpoWest 2016 was another great event with record numbers of attendees and natural, organic, and wellness related companies. Over 3K companies showing and over 77,000 attendees made the trek to Anaheim, California. It just keeps getting bigger and better every year.

This show continues to bring out some great, new and innovative products and this year continued the tradition.

Here’s a few highlights from walking all the aisles of the show.

  • CLIF Nut Butter Filled Energy Bars
  • Navitas Naturals Superfood Nut Bars
  • Hip Chick Little Camper Kid Meals
  • Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetened Chocolate and Cocoa
  • KARMA Nuts Wrapped Cashews
  • JR Watkins All Natural Food Coloring
  • Hail Merry Nut Hummus
  • Manitoba Heart Hemp Bites and Protein Smoothie Mix
  • Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powders
  • Éclair Naturals Body Care with Food Grade Ingredients
  • Boulder Canyon Sweet Corn, Peach Cobbler, and Grilled Brats Kettle Chips
  • Living Intentions – Rehauled packaging to appeal to more functional and mass audience
  • Humm Kombucha 
  • Veggemo Veggie-based Non-dairy Beverage
  • NUTIVA Buttery Flavored Coconut Oil, Organic Hazelnut Spread without any of the artificial flavors that the leading hazelnut spreads have
  • IGZU Bamboo Leaf Tea
  • Earnest Eats Energized Hot Cereals Powered by Coffee Fruit
  • Jelly Belly Organic Jelly Beans 
  • Annie Chun's Seaweed Crisps
  • Wella Bar
  • Once Upon a Farm Mash-ups for Babies/Kids